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The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


Who doesn’t like bookplate porn? (via)

The Rumpus doesn’t do pop culture, but if you happen to have written something about Lady Gaga, you might want to send it here. (PS. GIANT doesn’t lie. Kate Durbin is awesome.)

Apparently, this Orange Prize judge thinks women — at least the women nominated for the Orange Prize — write too much “misery lit.”

Which is more violent — The Bible or the Quran?


Even the Future Has Gone to Shit


Over at TOR, Robert Charles Wilson compares ABC’s new Earth 2100 documentary to Disney’s 1955 program Man in Space in order to trace how our vision of the future has changed. 

Earth 2100 … is more dismaying than Man in Space, the way a cancer diagnosis is more dismaying than a clean bill of health.  What it tells us is that our civilization is teetering on the brink of unsustainability and collapse.  Earth 2100 presents a scenario that ends with major cities flooded or deserted and a global population decimated by starvation and disease.