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Which Flame Is Mine?: A Conversation with Rajiv Mohabir


Rajiv Mohabir discusses his second collection, The Cowherd's Son, his work as a translator, and resisting erasure in a racist America. ...more

The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Rion Amilcar Scott


Rion Amilcar Scott discusses his new collection Insurrections, creating a fictional town, and the pressure to make religious decisions during puberty. ...more

The Conversation: Jeremy Clark and Thiahera Nurse


I’m thinking about the difference between “I stay somewhere” and “I live somewhere.” ...more

Fresh Comics #3: Remarkable Histories


One of the goals of the Fresh Comics series is to shine some light on superb works of comic storytelling. Another is to look a little deeper into the content of these superb comics and to ask “fresh” questions about them.