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You’ve Got Mail and the Internet of Ordinary People


You’ve Got Mail was one of the first movies to depict the Internet as it affects the lives of ordinary users. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Instructions for Replicating a Bad Summer


Compare yourself to a raw wound. Explain that everyone else is one too, whether they know it or not. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Reading Don Quijote with My Mother


“That’s the anthem I would have sung at my original graduation if the university had stayed open,” my mother said. ...more

A Modern-Day Typewriter


The personal computer may have revolutionized the way writers write, but distractions from the Internet and social media may not make it the ideal tool for writing. Designer Adam Leeb has created a hybrid typewriter called a Hemingwrite. Long battery life, instant on, and a mechanical keyboard help make Hemingwrite feel more like a typewriter or word processor, but with one key distinction—cloud connectivity backs up and syncs documents to services like Google Docs.