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Sound & Vision: Spencer Drate & Judith Salavetz


Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz on their long collaborative career designing for artists like John Lennon, the Talking Heads, and more. ...more

Word of the Day: Amphigory


(n.); a nonsense verse; specifically, a poem designed to look and sound good, but which has no meaning upon closer reading; from the French amphigouri.

“Just imagine a typeface that could inspire empathy inherently based on the softness of a letter’s apex or by increasing or decreasing negative space in characters.”

–Liz Stinson, “Can Typography Help Us Empathize with Others?”

Like a reflection in water that disintegrates at the drop of a stone, beautiful words can be a mask overtop murky shallows—most avid readers have experienced the disappointment that comes with finishing a book that, no matter how superficially pleasing, falls flat in terms of profundity.


Sound & Vision: Hannah Haugberg


Painter and letterer Hannah Haugberg discusses the art of designing custom guitar pedals. ...more

Too Much Fun With The OED


It looks like Nick Martens over at The Bygone Bureau is having too much fun with his OED subscription.

“To those who would say that there is nothing “secret” about the publicly available Oxford English Dictionary, or that browsing said publication’s website for an hour hardly constitutes a “history,” I have prepared the following response:


Citing usage from 1949, the OED calls this mark the dog’s bollocks, which it defines as, “typogr.