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Visible: Women Writers of Color #4: Jaquira Díaz


Jaquira Díaz discusses the challenge of writing about family members, her greatest joy as a writer, and her literary role models. ...more


The Limits of Extreme Beauty: Nicolas Winding Refn and Neon Demon


Daylight here burns up the atmosphere. The dawn of a new day is, in fact, the end of everything. ...more

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(K)ink #7: Writing While Deviant: Brian Kornell


The more secrets I wrote about, the fewer I wanted to keep. And the more secrets I made public through my writing, the more I gained. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


This is the week of fantastical fiction, of the weird and the magical, of re-imagining fairy tales and urban legends, of making the familiar strange and the strange familiar. On Tuesday, a new edition of Angela Carter’s seminal 1979 story collection The Bloody Chamber was released to mark what would have been Carter’s 75th birthday, had she not passed in 1992.


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The Big Idea #10: Eula Biss


On Immunity author Eula Biss speaks to Suzanne Koven about mythology, personal freedom, and the history of vaccines. ...more

The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


“Do not chew on the headphone cords!” — From @electriclit, passive aggressive library signs.

Marc Jacobs is pissing off literary West Villagers by opening a book store.

At The Guardian, Christine Granados has some fightin’ words for Cormac McCarthy and lists other authors she feels write the American southwest better.