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Kill Them All


Arielle Bernstein, Rumpus Film/TV/Media and Saturday Editor, writes about Rihanna, bitches, and blood over at Salon:

Women are raised on images of toxic masculinity just like the men around us are. Many of us also played “Grand Theft Auto” and watched great films featuring tons of sexualized violence against women: “Last Tango in Paris,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Goodfellas,” “Wolf of Wall Street” —the list goes on and on.



The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Sarah Hepola


Editor and writer Sarah Hepola talks about her new memoir Blackout, how gender affects alcoholism, writing about female friendships, and the writers who've influenced her. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Kill Bob


Kill Bill is revolutionary because it disrupts both content and genre, beautifully showcasing what these superhero-action stories so consistently overlook, while embodying the success of what the genre could achieve. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Mark Danielewski


Mark Danielewski talks about the "maddening energy of violence" and why he’s writing a 27–volume novel, starting with his first 850-page installment in the series, The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May. ...more

Susanne Antonetta headshot

The Rumpus Interview with Susanne Paola Antonetta


Poet and memoirist Susanne Paola Antonetta discusses literary bias, feminism, and the origin of her nom de plume. ...more

femme fatale

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Falling For The Femme Fatale


If power is going to shift toward equality, men have to see power less as an inherent right and more as something we can be incentivized to relinquish. ...more

Steve Almond 2

The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Steve Almond


The Rumpus Book Club chats with Steve Almond about his new book, Against Football, One Fan's Reluctant Manifesto, the complicity of fans in the violence of the NFL, the sports media's role in the discussion (or lack of one) and the difficulty of leaving a sport you love. ...more

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Placenta Previa


The only time I can stand the sight of the bouquet of bullshit is early in the morning, before I flip on the lights. In the dark their perfection is only imagined, not confirmed by sight. This eases the edges like a pain pill dulls the healing muscles around the site of my incision. ...more

Chuck Palahniuk’s “victims of his gore-filled prose”


On June 11, Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and Choke, published Invisible Monsters Remix, a director’s cut of the novel in which “the reader is made to jump back and forth to different chapters rather than read in a linear way,” which “constantly reminds people that it’s a physical book,” as “it’s a story that only a paper book can pull off.”

In this interview, he talks about how he seeks a physical response to his fiction, and usually succeeds, as he “keeps “an assiduous count of his ‘fainters'” at readings, where “foyers have been filled with stretchers carrying victims of his gore-filled prose.”

“There is a lot of laughter in most of my stories that make people faint.


The Latest from Oslo


The death toll as of this writing is 91. According to The Guardian’s live coverage, “Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre has said some of those killed on Utøya probably died from drowning as well as from gunshot wounds.”

In a piece excoriating the Washington Post and Jennifer Rubin for their (as yet) uncorrected assumption that al Qaeda was behind the attack in Norway, The Atlantic’s James Fallows notes that per capita, Norway lost twice the number of people the US did from the September 11, 2001 attacks.