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An Ethnography of the Self: Talking with Morgan Parker


Morgan Parker discusses her writing process, approaching an idea from various forms, and how moving from NYC to L.A. has changed her work. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, National Poetry Month at The Rumpus continues with Paula Bohince’s “The Flint River” and Adam McGovern’s “Perseid meteors, 2015.”

Meanwhile, the inimitable Brandon Hicks illustrates the exhaustive contents of his 2005 Saturn Ion.

Then, in the eighth installment of The Conversation, Jayson Smith and A.H.


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Vivian Lee


As an editor of color, one advantage I have is that writers of color are comfortable knowing I’m not asking for edits to artificially enhance or to cover up their race. It’s not weird to me that their characters look like them. ...more