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One More Time feature

The Rumpus Review of One More Time with Feeling


“We didn’t ask for it,” Cave begins another poetic flight, and again we think he’s talking about something ghastly, “but it’s all around us, a gratuitous beauty.” ...more

Reading Mixtape feature

Anna March’s Reading Mixtape #7: Guns


Guns are pervasive in American society. Whether it is the prominent role they frequently play in various forms of entertainment or the epidemic of gun violence, it seems they are everywhere. With more mass shootings than there have been days this year, it is virtually impossible to turn on the news without hearing about the devastating impact guns are capable of.



Nick Cave Monday #16: “Palaces Of Montezuma”


The last time I interviewed Nick I told him how much I loved “Palaces of Montezuma” from the new record.

“You like that one?” he said with a smile. “It almost didn’t make it on the record.”

“You’re kidding!”

“My wife said she’d divorce me if we didn’t put it on there.”