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Carving Out Enough Space on the Cloud: Talking with Hanif Abdurraqib


Hanif Abdurraqib discusses They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, honoring survival by showing up, and refusing to be governed by genre. ...more

Official Marvin Gaye Documentary Announced


An official documentary about Marvin Gaye is finally in the works, and has been approved by the late singer’s family. The film will be titled What’s Going On, Marvin? and will center around the making of the seminal album. The artist’s children released a joint statement about their excitement for the film, saying:

Our father was complex, but we are confident that with Noah Media Group’s attention to detail and their dedication to the truth, the positive, inspirational and aspirational aspects of his life will be handled and shared with the world in a way never seen before.

Sound Takes: Live at the London Palladium | Rumpus Music

Sound Takes: Live at the London Palladium


Love it or hate it, if you listen to Live at the London Palladium, you’re going to get intimate with Marvin Gaye. ...more