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The Rumpus Interview with Joe Ide


Joe Ide discusses his debut novel, IQ his writing process, and why he enjoys fly fishing. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with William Gibson


Legendary technomodernist William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, talks about his latest book, The Peripheral, predicting the future, and how writing about Silicon Valley today feels like his early work. ...more

Notable NYC: 11/8–11/14


Saturday 11/8: Brooklyn Comic Arts Festival. Mt. Carmel Church, 11 a.m., free.

Elizabeth Lopeman reads Trans Europe Express (November 2014) about an American au pair considering abandoning her host family. BookCourt, 4 p.m., free.

Peter Friedman, Rachel Nelson, Tommy Pico, Blythe Roberson, and Valerie Hsiung read at the What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been.