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What to Read When You Are Stuck on an Island


Here are some reading suggestions for those of you stuck on an island with no Tyga or blink-182 to distract you. ...more

What to Read When the President Cuts Funding for Everything Good


A list of books written by past NEA grant recipients, as well as books that inspire protest and remind us that we can make a different reality than the one we're in today. ...more

Lois Lowry on Lord of the Flies


Lois Lowry takes to the New York Times with her story of reading Lord of the Flies for the first time at age sixteen, and how her perspective on its portrayal of children and violence has (and hasn’t) changed in the book’s six decades since publication:

Today’s young readers, inundated as they have been recently by violent apocalyptic books, probably cannot imagine the effect William Golding’s novel had on the innocent and introspective girl that I was then.