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Erasing the Girl: Why Don’t We Trust Women to Tell Their Stories of Disordered Eating?


I didn’t want to criticize her, or demand explanations from her. I just wanted to hear her speak. ...more

Womanly Arts


This is the hearth. This is the knot. This is home. The woman bent over a sewing machine, the steady hum of the motor, the needle rising and sinking. ...more

FUNNY WOMEN #147: Marketing Roundtable at Skinny Cow


But is this implying enough that thin is the final message? I'm not sure. Sexy, we've nailed. But how do we make it clear thin is the goal? ...more

The Handmaid’s (Cautionary) Tale


At The Establishment, Laura Beans discusses the importance of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as a predictive novel, drawing many connections between the novel and increasing attempts to control women’s bodies:

Instead of seeming further from the truth, the novel’s warnings only seem to echo louder in recent years.


The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Idra Novey


Swati Khurana talks with novelist and translator Idra Novey about the challenges and joys of translation, the idiosyncrasies of language, the inextricable reception of women's writing and women's bodies, and much more. ...more

Paper Trumpets #3: Try Telling the Lady


I almost ran this collage last week but thought it might’ve been early to spring nudity on you. Since this is the third installment of Paper Trumpets (our third date!), I decided that now is the time. I hope you still respect me in the morning. ...more