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The Rumpus Interview with Yumi Sakugawa


Yumi Sakugawa discusses her latest book, Ikebana, discovering meditation, exploring blank spaces, and drawing a world of sentient oranges and one-eyed monsters. ...more

Yumi Sakugawa on NPR Blog


We’re absolutely thrilled to see NPR’s Code Switch blog highlight Rumpus cartoonist Yumi Sakugawa and her new book, I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You.

Here’s a small glimpse of her conversation with Code Switch’s Kat Chow, this bit on a recent comic she drew for the Rumpus:

…with “Moon Between The Mountains,” it honestly started as a random doodle of a kitty human being left on the door step of these strange, wrinkly-looking people.


Weekend Rumpus Roundup


Christ…brace yourself for an emotionally crippling time with these weekend features. (The pain is worth it! It always is!)

In Saturday’s feature, the tragic end to an interplanetary love story shivers with loss—one of Yumi Sakugawa’s best comics yet.

Sunday’s essay is structured around an experimental narrative in which Jennifer Pastiloff explores themes of possession across various experiences: the generosity of a vagrant stranger, an imagined romance with a fellow actor, a harrowing car accident that results in miracle.