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Visiting Abandoned Places: A Conversation with Kristen Radtke


Kristen Radtke discusses her illustrated memoir Imagine Wanting Only This, working with editors on graphic narratives, and visiting abandoned places. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Belle Boggs


Belle Boggs discusses The Art of Waiting about navigating through the difficulties of conception and fertility treatment. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Brandon Hicks shares a short series that he failed to place at a newspaper, “Burger Butler,” along with hilarious notes from the editors who rejected the series, and his own commentary on those notes.

Then, in the Saturday Essay, Yvonne Conza has nightmares stemming from an early memory of being tossed in the air by her father, a complicated man whose abusive behavior eventually ends his violent relationship with Conza’s mother.


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The Kill Shot


1964, a month prior to the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, a different home movie shot. Infant toss. Up-down. Plummeting. I’m ten months of age—picking up speed. ...more