What State Likes Ninjas The Most


Hawaii. Then Oregon, Washington, and California. Hmm. The western bank, as it were. Perhaps because of proximity to Japan? Or having Japanese immigrants, aka latent ninjas-in-training, amongst us? Probably just because we’re cooler out here, sitting around thinking about ninja stuff and finding it on the google. But, you may wonder: how do I know this information to begin with?

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StateStats. A nifty website that shows popularity of search queries by state, and then also correlates that popularity with other state statistics, demographic and otherwise. So, one can see that there is a a positive but weak correlation with ninja searches and states with violent crime. Searches for yoga, you might be surprised to discover, have a strong negative correlation with voting for Bush. It also rates fairly low in South Dakota, which, even more surprising, may be the horniest state in the union. Next to Mississipi.

– Josh Bearman

Joshuah Bearman has written about CIA missions, jewel thieves, deranged private investigators, aspiring Fabios, bitter rivalry among dueling Santa Clauses, and the metaphysical implications of being the world's greatest Pac Man player. His article for Wired became the movie Argo. More from this author →