Poetic Lives Online: Random Poetry Links by Brian Spears


With the inauguration of Barack Obama swiftly approaching (though not swiftly enough for some), the return of an inaugural poet/poem has gotten some play. Josh Corey has a “Poem for the Inaugural Poem” and Marianne Amoss provides some background on just what Poets Laureate do, aside from the occasional poem. And sticking with the world of politics and literature, I’ll be chewing over these remarks from Marjorie Perloff at the recent MLA on the importance of close reading for a while.

I want Meg Hamill’s book, Death Notices, based on nothing more than this review. You’ll have to scroll down for it.

Susan Schultz has some interesting musings on looking at a book of poetry as an artifact, especially in the classroom, and Able Muse has a wide-ranging interview with poet/translator Geoffrey Brock, which covers the intersections between translation and poetry, the difficulties of political poems, and the emergence of a new poetics–Post-Newism.

And finally, Linebreak is almost a year old, which means it’s about time they reject some more of my poems. There are some good poems in their archive.

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– Brian Spears

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