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Sarah Wisby is now in a relationship with herself. – December 13, 2008

Sarah is proud of her muffin top. – December 9

Sarah is _________. – December 9

Sarah is denouement: it’s all downhill from here. – December 9

Sarah is wondering if pig latin has racist origins. – December 6

Sarah wishes there were a prettier way to say procrastination. – December 4

Sarah is obsessed. – December 4

Sarah is wookin paw nub. – November 30

Sarah is totally kicking mitche’s ass at scrabble. – November 28

Sarah is making green bean casserole with onion rings.- November 27

Sarah is vetted. -November 27

Sarah is vetting -November 26

Sarah is quitting smoking again. – November 26

Sarah is not sure if she’s doing it right. – November 25

Sarah is 10 items or less. no checks. – November 22

Sarah is pounding the proverbial pavement, selling books.- November 22

Sarah does not like middle-of-the-night phone calls from ex-lovers.just in case you were wondering. – November 18

Sarah has the munchies. – November 17

Sarah got to speak a little french tonight, got to do a little origami. these are not euphemisms. – November 13

Sarah is not going to yoga. – November 12

Sarah is remembering how much she used to enjoy smoking in the bathtub. – November 9

Sarah is not sure she’ll sleep tonight, with the party raging outside her front door. – November 4

Sarah has an ISBN. it’s 978-0-9789858-2-0. – October 27

Sarah is filled with gratitude, and I don’t mean cafe gratitude. – October 25

Sarah is annoyed by flies. – October 11

Sarah is enjoying fresh baked bread. – October 11

Sarah is burying Luka today. – October 4

Sarah is typing this with her toes. – September 29

Sarah is watching Luka sleep. – September 20

Sarah is reading rebecca solnit. – September 15

Sarah is going to Oz’s first birthday party. – September 14

Sarah is home from the right spot, slightly tipsy. – September 13

Sarah is doing yoga in her birthday suit. – September 12

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