The Greatest Marketing Campaign Ever


Paging all 1990s hard rock fan-girls, Josh Freese is yours…for a price. The drumming genius, who has been a member of The Vandals, Devo, and A Perfect Circle, in addition to backing countless artists, ranging from Avril Lavigne to Rob Zombie, is coming out with his sophmore solo album, Since 1972. But much in the way he began hitting the skins — as a preteen prodigy backing a Top 40 cover band at Disneyland — his marketing attempt is equally weird and unique. For $7 you get a digital download of the CD. For $50 you get the CD, a DVD, T-shirt, and a “Thank you” phone call from Freese. For $20K you get to play miniature golf with Maynard James Keenan of Tool. And then you get dropped at the side of the highway. And all of it goes up on YouTube. For a full rundown of what’s shaping up to be quite possibly the greatest marketing campaign of all time, check out Soundcheck on the OC Register.

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