Saturday Morning Links


dscn0615Lots of people, myself included, mocked NBCU’s decision to change the name of the Sci-Fi Channel to the “hipper” and more easily textable “SyFy.” Michael Hinman, who created the website SyFy Portal ten years ago (now named Airlock Alpha), has a different take on the controversy.

Graphic novels, after years of huge sales numbers, finally get some mainstream respect.

Robot fish, coming soon to a lake near you. Okay, maybe not near you, but they’re still cool.

The Seattle Public Library is hosting the angstiest possible debate possible. Harry Potter versus Twilight, as argued by teenagers.

Blasphemy can get you fined 500 bucks in Oklahoma.

Will this be the next story to morph into a “flaming gerbil ejected from an ass” sex story to get passed around the internet? Here’s hoping. It involves a saber saw, after all.

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