The Plans to Rebuild Civilization are Set in Stone and Waiting in Georgia


ff_guidestones_fEconopocalypse. Swine flu. Arlen Specter becoming a Democrat. Ladies and gentlemen, it is only a matter of time before every 12 out of 13 of us are dead … and those who are left will be cold, hungry, and alone. Imagine sitting around a meager fire in the middle of a wasteland wondering “what now?” Some of us find the task of getting out of bed in the morning to be overwhelming, how will we pick ourselves’ up from the ashes of human destruction and help rebuild a better civilization than the one we just laid to rest?

Luckily, a group of mysterious (and incredibly rich) people have had that same thought, and they have a plan, “American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse.”

Isaac Fitzgerald has been a firefighter, worked on a boat, and was once given a sword by a king, thereby accomplishing three out of five of his childhood goals. Formerly of The Rumpus and McSweeney’s and most recently the founding editor of BuzzFeed Books, Isaac is now the co-host of BuzzFeed News’ Twitter Morning Show, #AMtoDM. He also appears frequently on The Today Show to talk books, and is co-author of Pen & Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them and Knives & Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind Their Tattoos (with Recipes) (winner of an IACP award), and the author of a YA novel and picture book forthcoming from Bloomsbury. He uses Twitter. More from this author →