Joey Nicoletti: A Poem I Love


I am smitten with Milton Kessler’s “Comma of God.” It’s a poem of great texture: a prayer, a chant, an adroit benediction. Perhaps most of all, it’s a testament to a fully lived life; an edifice of gratitude for having survived the business of going about one’s business with humility and strength. From the sheer joy of a Lester Young note to the furnace of Dresden, the images of Comma of God accrue with purpose, passion, & persuasion. Whoever reads this poem will be touched and moved by a potent presence that is intimate without being private, Walt Whitman proud.

Joey Nicoletti

In honor of National Poetry Month, The Rumpus has asked writers of all stripes to provide us with a poem they love, the reasons why, and where said poem might be found. More from this author →