Hey Eyeballers. I haven’t had the patience to watch anything over an hour long recently. I take that back. I watched Babe with my son a couple weekends ago and as always got choked up at the end. I am a total sucker for talking swine who defy expectations.

All my indie cred just went right out the fuckin’ window.

The filmed entertainment I’ve been thinking about most is a short piece, some would call it a “music video” by the band Matt & Kim. It’s them getting naked in Times Square, with all their controversial bits blurred out. It’s not really their nudity that makes this video so compelling so much as their expressions once they’ve disrobed and are staring up in awe at the lights and jumbotrons. These could be the expressions of our homo erectus ancestors had they ever invented a time machine to transport themselves to 21st century New York City. Plus, I like the song.

Another little movie I stumbled across today was this little gem. Also starring a couple, also featuring a 360 camera shot, but fully clothed.

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

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