Murdoch and Me by Jill Sobule



Last year, I was invited to play the All Things Digital conference. My opening act was… Rupert Murdoch—how many female singer-songwriters can say that? Now as most people know, I am a bit of a lefty—my record company is “Pinko Records“, so it was somewhat disarming to get a nice warm hug from the man responsible for Fox News and even worse… the new MySpace. He was really nice and reminded me, in one strange flash, of my father—except my dad was not a megalomaniacal media mogul; he was a veterinarian.

Last night at D, the billing was the same: Rupert, then one song from me. I was asked by the hosts (Walt and Kara), about an hour before “showtime”, if I would write a song for Rupert. They said I could not be mean; he is their boss, you know. This was a tall order. Here’s what I came up with:

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