“all the new thinking” by Sidney Wade


all the new thinking

all the new
thinking is

about energy
says my

new lover
as I wonder

the crowd

that hovers
in the green

in my head

the energetic
crew who

speak unspoken to
who volunteer

non sequiturs
when I’m mining

for the deeper thing
the regal thing

they substitute
gumshoe hoedown

or a fine toothcomb
or if I ponder

a smart sonnet
on The Institute

of Forgetting
they’ll offer


things then steer

me into Beer
Harbor and say

y’on y’one
and leave

me sprawled

in hybrid doubt
about the rough

and tumble of
this banquet hall

when all
I really itch

to do is

on a golden bowl
a soliloquy

on the physics
of the soul

that hilarious
white wave

on the tufted
dark of the sea

-Sidney Wade

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Original poetry published by The Rumpus. More from this author →