“A Friend’s Take” by Steven Tagle


Rumpus contributor Steven Tagle has entered this film in Project Pushback, a competition to produce fresh messaging in support of the freedom to marry. If you like “A Friend’s Take,” please take a second to create a free user account on vimeo.com and vote for the film.

Here’s how to vote:
1. Create a free user account on vimeo.com.
(Please note, you must have a Vimeo account in order to vote.)
2. Vote for “A Friend’s Take” by clicking the heart-shaped “LIKE” button in the top-right corner of the video screen.

Steven Tagle is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. He produces short-form documentaries for Current TV, and his work has appeared in Leland Quarterly, Word Choice, and Rainy Day. He is finishing his first novel. More from this author →