The “Complete” Cosmicomics of Italo Calvino


Scott Esposito of The Quarterly Conversation reports that later this year, Penguin UK will publish a so-called complete Cosmicomics. The volume combines stories “which had previously been spread out across several volumes, or which were untranslated.” The article continues:

According to Rachel Love, Editorial Coordinator at Penguin Classics and Reference, the forthcoming book, titled The Complete Cosmicomics, will include:

  • The 12 stories that appear in Cosmicomics
  • 7 newly translated by Martin McLaughlin (first time in English)
  • The 11 stories that comprise Time and the Hunter (published in the U.S. as t zero; see The Quarterly Conversation’s review)
  • 4 stories from Numbers in the Dark

Three of these newly-translated stories appeared earlier this year in Harper’s and The New Yorker. At the end of the article, Esposito observes that

it is uncertain if the U.S. will see a “complete” Cosmicomics, as the rights to the stories collected in the U.K. volume are spread among Harcourt and Vintage. Additionally, The Wylie Agency has rights to the seven newly translated works, meaning that all three parties would have to reach an agreement in order to publish the full book Stateside.

More details on the provenance of the new stories are included in the original article.

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