IKEA Hacker


Your night editor was MIA yesterday for a very good reason: he inadvertantly got locked into the Emeryville IKEA overnight, and in the end there was nothing to be done but curl up on a DALSELV (or anyway a JAREN on a DALSELV), pull a MYSA OLVON over his head, and wait until morning.

Okay, not exactly. But it was pretty much like that.

Anyway, this morning I was back in my living room, sitting on the unopened flatpacks of my future furniture, and thinking about the re-purposing and hacking we’d already done with our existing furniture. I guessed there was probably a website devoted to that subject, so I went to Google and typed two words: ‘IKEA hack’.

What it gave me back was IKEA Hacker, which is full of creative solutions to problems the IKEA designers never imagined. I particularly like the media storage hacks, but the section labeled miscellaneous is probably the most interesting: a kegerator, a chicken coop, a guitar made from a butcher block, and much more.

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