Random Media Notes


Do you have what it takes to be the next Philip J. Fry? Turanga Leela? Bender Bending Rodriguez? Fox is apparently bringing Futurama back yet again, but is planning to recast the voices.

YouTube might be profitable soon, thanks to advertising. We’re trying that too.

Google tells publishers there’s an easy way to keep them from aggregating their news stories, and it only takes a couple of lines of code. Of course, that will mean their stories don’t show up on google searches. What do you mean you don’t want that?

The monster-fication of Jane Austen novels continues. Am I alone in thinking this is going to end like an SNL catchphrase, with a really bad series of movies?

Wired Science has a rundown of everything Apollo 11 NASA is providing for the big anniversary. Go geek out.

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