The Rumpus Book Blog Roundup


And I’m back! Thanks very much to Michael Berger for filling in for me while I was gone! He did a damn fine job.

Lots has happened over the last few weeks: I went to LA for school, got educated, and watched many of my friends graduate.  I’ll be writing more about all that later. But most importantly, one of my closest friends had a baby three nights ago.  I had never been at a birth before, and all I have to say is, “Holy shit I almost believe in God now.” Oh, I also want to say, “I should be flogged for anything I have ever said or thought that could ever be construed as remotely sexist.” My friend and her baby are healthy and doing well, and I’m going to dedicate this book blog roundup to them — as well as to women and mothers everywhere — because I now firmly believe that women should be in charge of everything everywhere forever.

On Jacket Copy, evidence that men are just a little bit useless.

Via Bookslut, Sharon Olds reads some funny toilet humor odes that manage to say something profound about the circularity of life. Also, she says shit a lot.

And “Twittering for maternal health.”

In other news, James Frey is now a childrens’ book author, some ideas to fix the publishing industry, The Millions says it is a great year for books, and a “flood” of Ghanain crime fiction.

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