The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


It’s summertime. BookExpo is in the past. Writers have taken a little break from accosting critics. The book blogs finally have some free time.

And like most people, they are spending that time poking around the Internet and finding lots of things that are a little bit brilliant, from a homeless book club to a web site that asks gifted authors to write on slightly ridiculous objects to something called “possibilianism.” That, plus a “failed interview with Marilyn French,” giving up on vampires, and Middlesex on TV, all below the fold. 

At Significant Objects, writers write a story based on a particular object found at a thrift store, giving the object “subjective value.” The object is then put on E-Bay to see if it has gone up in “objective value.” (via Galleycat

TOR is serializing Cory Doctorow’s new novel

A homeless book club! (via Elegant Variation)

I always thought I was agnostic. Turns out I was a possibilian. This is why all religion should be created by neuroscientists.

Anne Trubek argues that the Internet might be making us all better writers: ” I would hazard that, with more than 200m people on Facebook and even more with home internet access, we are all writing more than we would have ten years ago. … And if we subscribe to the theory that the most effective way to improve one’s writing is by practicing—by writing more, and ideally for an audience—then our writing skills must be getting better.” (via Elegant Variation)

In other news, yet another great interview with Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, Bookslut’s somewhat heartbreaking “failed interview” with the recently deceased Marilyn French, the Book Bench’s Macy Halford is finally done with Vampires, and Middlesex the TV show.

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