Blogging’s Capacity for Timelessness


“There can be no argument that the blog format gives ‘now’ the pride of place; novelty leads, and the past recedes into a string of ‘older posts’ links and archives pages. But it is a mistake to think that blogs therefore discard the past…

“It’s reasonable to suspect that a medium organized by reverse chronology may not be the place to turn for the virtues of the timeless. On the other hand, bloggers attend to philosophical discourse as well as pop-cultural phenomena; they document private traumas as well as public controversies.

“They have sought faith and spurned it, chronicled awful illnesses and mourned unimaginable losses. Blogging turns out to have an extensive reserve capacity for timelessness, much of it still untapped.”

A particularly good quote from Scott Rosenberg’s Say Everything, rediscovered as I finalized my interview prep this afternoon.

Jeremy Hatch is a writer, musician, and professional bookseller leading a cheerful, aimless life in San Francisco. He is the Junior Literary Editor of the Rumpus and has a blog which he updates once in a while. More from this author →