Saturday Morning Links


Morning, everyone. Here are some links to get your weekend started.

I suspect that I’ll never be buying in a bar where bartenders harvest the grain that makes their spirits. I was a bartender while in college, and I didn’t like going for my own ice. much less my own raw agave, so I can’t say I fully appreciate what these people are doing, but if people are willing to pay extra for that, then hey, invite me along and buy my drinks, okay.

A new product for the visually-impaired lets you see with your tongue, and it might make it to market by 2010.

PostBourgie has a great interview with author Victor LaValle

The American Association of University Professors is pissed at Yale University Press, and rightly so. YUP is refusing to publish any images of Mohammed in Jytte Klausen’s book. The problem? Her book is about the Danish cartoons of Mohammed that led to riots in multiple countries in 2005.

And if this is really happening, if kids today are stuffing vodka-soaked tampons into their nether regions to get hammered more quickly, then I am officially over the hill. Get off my lawn you kids! And quit leaving your booze-filled butt plugs in my yard!

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