Saturday Morning Links


Welcome to Saturday everyone.

Warning: following this link might make you question humanity for the rest of the day. Hint–it involves Twilight and a dildo. Via Slog the Stranger. More Edward Cullen madness at Geekologie.

For crying out loud, some movies don’t need to be remade. Same goes for you, Brian Singer. Didn’t Hollywood learn its lesson with that abomination known as The Manchurian Candidate 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Apparently, Anheuser-Busch is selling Bud Light in cans which match Your Fair University’s colors, which is great, except for the whole having to drink Bud Light thing.

Boingboing says this is the most hideous cellphone in the universe, but I disagree. I’d rather be seen with that than with one of those Borg-implant headsets anyday.

And finally, to my dear friends at the NY Times, can you please spare us any more articles on how the super-rich are faring during the current economic downturn? At best, most people don’t care. At worst, most people would like to hang the super-rich by their entrails and take all their stuff. Don’t give us any ideas.

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