Science Saturday


In the months I’ve been the Saturday editor, I’ve noticed that a large number of my links and other posts come from science and technology sources: popular magazines, not hardcore stuff. But I rarely have much more to add to these pieces than “ooh, that’s cool” or “look at this picture.” So I’ve decided to start a Science Saturday linkfest, and it should be a recurring event.

Beginning in the world of paleontology, fossilized footprints have helped scientists work out just how pterasaurs landed.

Global warming is changing the earth’s tilt. Apparently, that sounds worse than it is.

NASA needs money if it’s going to continue human spaceflight, a lot more money than it’s scheduled to get, in fact. And a number of scientists think robots can do the job better anyway.

If you’ve gone hiking and think you’ve been walking in circles, you probably have been.

And Microkhan suggests that ski-jumping might be one sport in which women could have an advantage over men, eventually.

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