Because It’s Their Work


Last week I was reading a review by Arvan Reese of two films, Hot & Bothered and Bill & Desiree, on a website called SexGenderBody. I found the review via @TonyComstock, who made the latter film — which I’m sure is great! — but I want to quote from the review of the first film, which is a documentary about feminist pornography. Reese talks about the “question of how feminism and pornography intersect, coexist and define each other,” and goes on:

“In considering it myself I figured if women are choosing, then feminism is present. The presence of sex is really a non-issue, because it’s their work. It is important but if we were talking about women as carpenters or accountants, would we still be struggling to reconcile their jobs with feminism?

I think that because it is sex, societal norms give people permission to assume that their negative judgment has greater value and must be taken seriously.”


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