Saturday Morning Links


Morning, everyone! Here’s some links to get you started this weekend.

Shepard Fairey admits to submitting false images to the court in his fair use lawsuit against the AP. Not good, even if his argument is that the underlying fair use theory is sound.

Richmond, VA has a new minor league baseball team, and it’s named the Flying Squirrels, complete with the motto “Let’s Go Nuts!” I really hope they hire a general manager named Rocky.

On the other end of the sports spectrum, a fundamentalist Baptist church has openly condemned specific pro athletes to hell, and not metaphorical “you’ll spend the rest of your career in Peoria” hell, either. We’re talking pitchforks in the neck hell.

Susannah Breslin has self-published a long piece on how the recession is affecting the porn industry. I’ll just say it plain–our pieces on it are better, no disrespect to Breslin, who The Rumpus tried to interview here.

You may have heard about Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell, who refused to marry an interracial couple “out of concern for any children the couple might have.” I wrote about it because it happened in the town that changed my life.

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