Poetic Lives Online: Links by Brian Spears


Congratulations to Keith Waldrop, winner of the National Book Award in Poetry. Here’s their interview with Waldrop.

Mark Scroggins uses the Barrett Watten reading I mentioned last week as a jumping off point for an interesting discussion of, as he puts it, “the relationship of personal formation, as detailed & explored in autobiography, and literary interpellation.”

The Valpariaso Poetry Review’s Poem of the Week is a selection from Rumpus contributor Alison Stine.

An interesting piece on inadvertently burned books starring William Carlos Williams.

There are terrible jokes, and then there are terrible poetry jokes. It might be too much for you.

Quill and Quire takes on Reader Spoils a company which sells reader reviews. But while the post is great, the response from Reader Spoils is precious.

Brian Spears

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