Saturday Morning Links


Let’s see what kind of ruckus we can stir up today.

The Arkansas police officer who tased a ten year old girl last week received his punishment today–a seven day suspension with pay. Not for tasing the girl, mind–for not having a video camera attached when he used the stun gun.

I don’t know how you feel about Harlequin as an imprint, but wow did they step in it. And the pushback was fierce, as it needed to be.

Were you hoping for a nookie book, umm, I mean a Nook E-book for Christmas this year? Hope you already ordered it.

I generally have never have beef with Topless Robot, but they’re wrong here. Sure the kid is awesome and all, but Superman is a little played out. Now if he’d thrown on a Rorshach mask…

Okay, this requires a significant amount of badassedness. I mean, it’s not surviving on 7-11 burritos, but eating driftwood and coconut shells? Damn.

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