The Russian artist Aksiniya, who makes a living as a fashion illustrator “for the moment,” is hardly confined by the fashion industry’s narrow view of female pulchritude.

On one hand, her bony, macabre figures evoke Egon Schiele; they are fragile, mysterious and introverted, and look as if they might snap at any moment. But, fed a meal or two, they suddenly call to mind the corpulent beauties that sashay down the red carpet in Sylvain Chomet’s Triplets of Bellville. In either case, her fashionistas are no more or less irresistible—or freakish for that matter—than their male, or monstrous or fish-headed counterparts.

BeautifulDecay describes Aksiniya’s illustrations as “whimsical and odd yet altogether quite endearing.” They are also born from another era, and seem to hover in a different world. See for yourself on her website and blog.

Julie Greicius was Art Editor for The Rumpus when it launched in January 2009. One year later, she became Senior Literary Editor, and later, Senior Features Editor. Julie also co-edited the first book published by The Rumpus, Rumpus Women, Vol. 1, featuring personal essays and illustration from twenty kick-ass contributors. Her writing been featured on The Rumpus, Midnight Breakfast, Stanford Medicine Magazine, and BuzzFeed, as well as in the anthology The 27th Mile. She lives in California and is a member of The Rumpus Advisory Board. More from this author →