What Buildings Would You Ban?


“Fear, on one side, of watching Europe turn into “Eurabia”  —even if the demographics don’t justify such worries—and, on the other, of seeing centuries’ worth of social liberalization—including women’s suffrage and gay rights—fall apart in the face of religious conservatism, has led to the illegalization of an architectural form.

When your culture is under threat, ban a building.”

BldgBlog, one of the best architecture and urban theory blogs out there, discusses the implications of Switzerland’s decision over a week ago to ban the construction of minarets.

Which makes me wonder what type of building I would ban, were such powers granted to me.

I think Islamic architecture is visually pleasing. I also think churches and synagogues can be quite pretty. Not that I’m a religious person but I enjoy the implications of the sacred sans all the dogma and restrictions that ruin it.

So, upon much deliberation I guess it would have to be Wienerschnitzel.

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