The Rumpus Sunday Book Review Supplement


supplement2Greetings my fellow aesthetes, epicurians, book junkies and all around fine people!

I’m back in the Sunday guest side-car for today and next week while our legendary Seth Fischer prepares to graduate!

With the pagan holiday of Giftmas imminent, I’ve been working extra hard to sell books to people and to wrap them well too. The holidays make the independent bookstore business seem like a thriving venture!

I’m also overwhelmed by the sheer volume of excellent titles that came out in 2009 which I’ve yet to read. It makes 2010 look promising.

In the meantime, please enjoy what the Rumpus has to offer this last week in all things Bookish:

Continental Divide — A Review of In The Sun’s House: My Year Teaching On The Navajo Reservation by Kurt Caswell.

“Does integrity lie in failure?” — Jeff Parker reviews Padgett Powell’s The Interrogative Mood

The Rumpus Interview With Paul Madonna

John Crowley shares his “Little Lessons From The Masters”

And our very own Stephen Elliott shares his notes from his book tour.

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