Saturday Morning Links


Call me a Philistine, but I felt Howard Zinn’s death way more than J.D. Salinger’s. Here’s some links for your Saturday morning.

Dahlia Lithwick examines the contradictions and contortions KBR is going through to keep Jamie Leigh Jones from having her day in court–including going to court over it.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter dares the NFL to sue him over printing t-shirts with the slogan “Who Dat” on them. No word on whether he plans to have the slogan printed on diapers.

If I hadn’t gone through bankruptcy a year ago, I might be able to use this info. Suing debt collectors sounds like a hell of a lot of fun if nothing else.

The California Senate has approved a single-payer health insurance plan for the state. Don’t get too excited–the governor is going to veto it.

Is pork the new boner pill?

And finally, call me weird, but I’m oddly aroused by this item from Regretsy.

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