Amor Fati


The group exhibition Amor Fati (Love of Fate) opens at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland tonight.

Curator Lian Ladia has put together a potent mix of artists who aren’t afraid of politics and aren’t afraid of the subconscious. Highlighted by a “visual anthropological sculpture” by SFAI instructor and Bay Area gem Carlos Villa, the show includes work by Malaquias Montoya, Kwatro-Kantos, Faviana Rodriguez, and painterly duo MIJU, to whom I once wrote a letter as a review. Whether you love or hate your fate, this is a show to be reckoned with. The reception is from 6-8pm. The show runs through February 8th.

On the other coast, Brooklyn gallery Jack the Pelican sees the opening of A Space Exodus, a smart and irreverent show by Larissa Sansour featuring, among other things, “the first Palestinian on the moon.” The opening lasts from 7-9pm tonight, and the exhibition runs through February 7th. It’s fitting that Sansour’s show is opening while viewers have around 24 hours left to see the Wallace Berman show at Nicole Klagsburn in Chelsea. Exhibiting videos that took way too long to make, the two artists share an essential sense of humor, an aesthetic calm, a pained delight.

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