The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


Greetings, Rumpusers. You might have been relieved to see me go for a bit, but you had to know you couldn’t get rid of me forever. I’m back from a life-alteringly excellent trip to Los Angeles, where I finished school, and a less awesome though somewhat relaxing trip to Orange County, the result of which won’t be discussed here (good things rarely happen in Orange County, for the record).

All in all, I missed you, Rumpus. And once again, I’ve slogged through the blogs so you don’t have to. Here’s what I found.

At The Guardian Books Blog, Chris Power says that “2009 was the year of the short story.”

In response to an Amazon press release stating that more e-books were sold than hardcovers, Carolyn Kellogg notes (through Galleycat) that 64 of the top 100 “best-selling” Kindle books are free.

People are mad at Narrative Magazine. (via)

Guenter Grass was spied on by the Stasi (via), while Betsy Blair had her problems with the FBI (via) .

Maud points us to Louisa May Alcott’s “hospital sketches” from the Civil War, as well as this story at NPR on a movie about Alcott’s kind of extreme life.

Book sales in 2009 were  a disas…  wait, what’d you say? (via)

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