Politics Sunday


If you haven’t yet heard about Goodluck Jonathan, the new President of Nigeria, you should read this article.

Why does everyone think artists are terrible at governing?

Andrew Sullivan posts the full report from the Office of Professional Responsibility on “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,” otherwise known as torture. He also wants your help translating the legalese and getting the word out about what he calls “a critical piece of information for history and for future prosecution of the war criminals involved.”

In the department of good questions, “Why Do All National Anthems Sound the Same?”

According to Al Jazeera, there are now 120,000 refugees from the fighting in the Congo, and that number’s growing. That’s a lot of people.

Speaking of that last link, has anyone else noticed how exceptionally good Al Jazeera English‘s international news coverage is? You should give it a chance, if you haven’t already.

Does saying this make me a terrorist? Let’s just ask the Pomona student who was detained by the TSA and the FBI at an airport for studying Arabic on a plane so he could translate Al Jazeera.

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