Men with Balls


“This show is an act of complete personal indulgence. When the good people at apexart approached me about curating something in their space, they made a huge mistake. After some polite back and forth, Steven Rand said to me directly, ‘We’d like you to do something that reflects your passion.’ I responded, ‘Well, football or what you call soccer is my passion. It’s my only religious commitment. The World Cup is coming up soon and I’d like to create a space where we could watch games together.’ Amazingly, they agreed.”

–Curator Simon Critchley on the origins of Men With Balls: The Art of the 2010 World Cup, a phenomenal group art exhibition (and space to watch live World Cup matches) that opens at apexart in New York tonight from 6-8pm. Here’s the full screening schedule; doors will open promptly at 10am for early matches!

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