Michael Chabon on Mavi Marmara


“This is why, to a Jew, it always comes as a shock to encounter stupid Jews. Philip Roth derived a major theme of Goodbye, Columbus from the uncanny experience. The shock comes not because we have never encountered any stupid Jews before — Jews are stupid in roughly the same proportion as all the world’s people — but simply because from an early age we have been trained, implicitly and explicitly, to ignore them. A stupid Jew is like a hole in the pocket of your pants, there every time you put them on, always forgotten until the instant your quarters run clattering across the floor.”

Why does the American Jewish community feel so incredulous w/r/t Mavi Marmara?  Why do we have such a hard time believing Israel would really be that dense? Here is a memoir-ish op-ed by Michael Chabon from the NYT, which thoroughly dissects the whole sociological affair.

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