The Rumpus Book Club, Where I Live #5: Patrick Maier


I live on Bomarc Lane, which is located in Satellite Beach on Florida’s Space Coast and is about two miles away from Patrick Air Force Base. The street is named after the Bomarc missile, the only surface to air missile deployed by the Air Force.

The other streets in the sub-division are Atlas, Jupiter, Apollo, Gemini, and Polaris. Behind the house is a wall that separates civilian housing from what used to be military housing. The military housing has been razed and now it’s just a big empty field of grass with some palm trees. It’s pretty cool because now at night I can hear the ocean from my bedroom window. Growing up, I attended Holland Elementary, Delaura Jr. High, and Satellite High which are all within walking distance of my house. Damien and C.J. Hobgood also went to Satellite, but they were younger and I never met them. Other than that, the only other notable thing is that Peter Case (The Nerves, Plimsouls) wrote a song called “Satellite Beach”. Go figure.

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