“Googlism for Steve,” a Rumpus Original Poem by Neil de la Flor


Googlism for Steve

Steve is in my closet.
Steve is non-industrious and totally asexual.
Steve is still alive somewhere in the world.
Steve is something like a broken vending machine.
Steve is distributing condoms on Sunday at Tropical Park.
Steve is full-blown sodomy.
Steve is the total loss of unconsciousness and decadence.
Steve is a Siamese twin that isn’t attached.
Steve is a man and a woman murdered by other men.
Steve is a nautilus chamber.
Steve is the final chapter.
Steve is suffocated but not by love.
Steve is ashes.
Steve is the ashes of St. Eve.
Steve is she.
Steve is two abysses staring at the sky for a very long time.
Steve is mailed to North Carolina.
Steve is where mom is.
Steve is a log house on a river lined with more log houses surround by trees that are pines not yet logged.
Steve is telluride.
Steve is returned unclaimed.
Steve is always seventeen.

Neil de la Flor

Neil de la Flor’s publications include Almost Dorothy (Marsh Hawk Press, 2010), winner of the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize, Facial Geometry (NeoPepper Press, 2006), co-authored with Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass, and Sinead O’Connor and her Coat of a Thousand Bluebirds (Firewheel Editions, forthcoming 2011), co-authored with Maureen Seaton and winner of the Sentence Book Award. He can be reached at www.neildelaflor.com and blogs at www.almostdorothy.wordpress.com.

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