More Prop 8 Reactions


Motions were due today to argue whether Judge Walker’s temporary stay on performing same-sex marriages should continue. No word yet on when he will rule.

The reason this satirical piece from the SF Appeal works so well is because it shows the speciousness of the National Organization for Marriage’s argument regardless of whether one’s sexual preference is based in choice or biology.

Carlos Bell at Guernica points out that the lawyers arguing for Prop 8 weren’t slouches, which makes the lopsided ruling even more impressive.

Paul Waldman dispenses with the argument that a gay judge is too biased to make a ruling in this case.

Governor Schwarzenegger (that still feels weird to type even after all these years) changes his stance (again) on same-sex marriage.

I love George Takei’s response to Prop 8 supporters.

Speaking of which, why didn’t Star Trek ever really deal with gay issues?

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